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Booking can be made using the form in this web only.    HOTEL RESERVATION - TSB2019


Booking your accommodation  

You can book your accommodation at the conference venue through the online registration form which will be sent to your email after you have completed the conference registration.
You will be asked to complete the personal information and submit the completed form to the Duangjitt Resort & Spa through email ( cc:
Please provide your check-in and check-out date as well as your credit card details to secure the booking.
Payment for your accommodation
You will receive the confirmation and the guideline for payment from the Duangjitt Resort & Spa through email. All payment should be made by money transfer or credit card.
Details :
Account Name : Duangjitt Co., Ltd.
Account Number : 169-1-48008-4 (Saving Account)
Bank Name : Bank of Ayudhya Public Co., Ltd.
Address : Ladpraw Brance
Change or cancel your accommodation booking
Please contact the Duangjitt Resort & Spa for more information.